New York City, NY. April 23, 2023 - The first quarter of 2023 has come and gone. For Others is picking up right where we left off in 2022. We are continuing our efforts to give back to the local communities all of our items are purchased in or purchased for. 

From January to March, the For Others community donated 3,006 total meals across 43 different food banks and provided school supplies to 15 under-funded public school classrooms.


To date, the For Others community has provided over 71,000 meals to food banks across the US. Below are the communities and food banks we supported in the first quarter of 2023: 

New York City | Central Texas | PhiladelphiaLos Angeles | All International Ordera | Chicago | Central New Jersey | South Florida | Minneapolis | Atlanta | Phoenix | Houston | Denver | Sacramento | Boston | Seattle | Central Florida | Iowa | Western Massachusetts | Cincinnati | Kansas City | San Francisco and Marin County | St. Louis | North Central Ohio | Indiana | Hawaii | New Orleans and Acadiana | Fort Myers, Florida | Connecticut | Pittsburgh | Lansing, MI | Chattanooga | Northeast Florida | North Texas | New Mexico | Oregon | Utah | Three Square | Riverside & San Bernardino | Eastern Washington | Middle Tennessee | Tampa Bay | Verona, VA | Northeast New York | Omaha

To learn more about how we provide meals to food banks, please visit: 


To date, the For Others community has provided school supplies to 39 different under-funded classrooms across America. Below are the public school teachers we supported in the first quarter of 2023:

Ms. Thomas (Miami, FL) | Ms. Barraclough (Phoenix, AZ) | Ms. Prieto (Los Angeles, CA) | Mrs. Crom (Orlando, FL) | Ms. Tyra (New Orleans, LA) | Ms. Kelly (Astoria, NY) | Ms. Wallace Sosa (Portland, OR) | Ms. Lipperini (Philadelphia, PA) | Mrs. Weiss (Pine Grove, PA) | Ms. Raquel (Austin, TX) | Mrs. Irby (Houston, TX) | Ms. Mahoney (Seattle, WA)

To learn more about how we provide school supplies to under-funded public school classrooms, please visit:

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April 24, 2023