For every item sold, this collection provides meals to a food bank in the local community we deliver to.


With food insecurity sky rocketing during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses turned to their communities for donations to help those in need. But what were businesses doing with these donations—where was the money going, and who was it benefitting? This murkiness was the catalyst that set our IMPACT Collection in motion.

Food insecurity is seen and felt in all parts of America, and negatively impacts all races and ethnicities. More than 34 million in the United States are food insecure. That’s 10.2% of U.S. households. More recent economic conditions have not made matters easier. Record-high inflation and rising food prices have stretched many Americans incredibly thin.  

Those who are food insecure should be able to leverage their local food bank to help them bridge the gap between not having enough food and having just enough. At the same time, food banks should have the resources they need to serve the communities they operate in. Because when you cannot guarantee where your next meal will be, it’s hard to live a full and meaningful life - and no one should go hungry or be hungry in nations as advanced and wealthy as ours.


When you purchase an item from this collection, we locate a food bank in your specific community. We first search for food banks that are a part of the Feeding America network. When you receive your item, we'll let you know the exact # of meals that will be donated on your behalf and the exact food bank in your local community that your order will benefit. At the end of the quarter, we'll email you to confirm your impact has been carried out.

Through the first quarter of 2023, we’ve donated over 70,000 meals across the United States and internationally. All of our food bank partners play integral roles in the communities they serve, and we are so proud to partner with them.

Our Philanthropic Promises:


Your impact is uber-local. Proceeds directly provide meals to a food bank in the community your order is either purchased in or delivered to.


We speak in specifics. Your purchase results in the exact number of meals donated, not just dollars raised


We make it easy to understand. You are told the exact impact you have provided your neighbors.

Food Bank Testimonials
Feeding South Florida
(Pembroke Park, FL)

Feeding South Florida appreciates the unique and impactful partnerships that For Others has established with food banks nationwide. With each item, For Others makes an investment in the lives of individuals and families facing food insecurity and hunger. We are grateful for their support.
— Allyson Vaulx, AVP of Philanthropy
Food Bank For New York City
(New York, NY):

Food Bank For New York City has been proud to work with For Others over the past year as we partner to end hunger throughout NYC. For Others' mission of investing in local communities has had a profound impact, both across the US and here in New York, and we are so grateful for their support.
— Janis Robinson, VP of Institutions and Partnerships
Central Texas Food Bank
(Austin, TX)

For Other’s is a brand that promises to be quite literally, for others. How amazing is it to have your purchase also make impact?! Food insecurity is a global issue and For Other’s impact collection gives Food Banks the chance to continue to serve those in need of food. There are no gimmicks, no uncertainties where your dollars are going. They provide you with certainty and transparency which is refreshing. I am a fan, through and through!
— Jace Balbach, CTFB Community Engagement Coordinator
(Philadelphia, PA):

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves: Real impact begins at the local level. The work to drive hunger from our communities begins in the community and works best when we all work together -- coming at the problem of food insecurity and hunger from every angle.

Philabundance is grateful for partners such as For Others. Their generous donation will allow us to help our neighbors in need by providing food resources where they are critically needed.
— Philabundance Corporate Relations Officer

For a full list of food banks that we've supported around the country, view our impact map.