2023 was an exciting year for the For Others community. Not only did the brand reach new customers, but our give back efforts continued to reach new people and new causes. 

The fourth quarter, specifically, saw the For Others community support two new causes. provide transportation for children taking advantage of Avenues For Justice programming.   to two new organizations - Avenues For Justice and The Next Door Recovery.

From October to December, the For Others community donated 11,535 total meals across 23 different food banks and provided school supplies to six under-funded public school classrooms.

Further, with every item sold from the Cafe Habana Capsule, we provided one child with transportation to and/or from Avenues For Justice’s downtown Manhattan community center.

And finally proceeds of every purchase from the I Hope Your Proud Capsule directly helped provide access to The Next Door Recovery by funding transportation for women in urban and rural areas of Middle Tennessee.

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Continue reading below to meet the food banks and public school teachers we supported in Q4 2023. 


Through the end of 2023, the For Others community has provided over 90,091 meals to food banks across the US. Below are the communities and food banks we supported in the fourth quarter of 2023: 

New York City | Central Texas | Philadelphia | Central New Jersey | North Texas | Boston | International Orders | Connecticut | Long Island, NY | Central & Eastern North Carolina | Washington D.C. | Nashville | Southern Wisconsin | Los Angeles | Las Vegas | Virginia Beach | Cleveland | Cincinnati | Northeastern NY | Riverside | Phoenix | Denver | Kansas City 

To learn more about how we provide meals to food banks, please visit: 


To date, the For Others community has provided school supplies to 53 different under-funded classrooms across America. Below are the public school teachers we supported last quarter (Q4 2023): 

Mrs. Vela (North Alabama) | Ms. Thornton (Atlanta, GA) | Ms. Pam (Boston, MA) | Mrs. Araneo (Neptune, NJ) | Ms. Hardrick (Memphis, TN) | Ms. Castro (Houston, TX) 

To learn more about how we provide school supplies to under-funded public school classrooms, please visit:

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