Nashville, TN. DECEMBER, 2023 - Kristi Howard, known by her 3+ million followers for her relatable and sarcastic lifestyle content, has partnered with clothing brand For Others to release a limited-edition capsule collaboration that will benefit Nashville-based substance abuse non-profit The Next Door Recovery.

The capsule includes a Hoodie, a Baseball Hat, a pair of Crew Socks and a 4" x 6" Sticker Sheet. The collection takes inspiration from a handful of references; some light-hearted, like Kristi’s obsession with the cherry emoji, and others more intentional - like Kristi’s love and respect for her late older sister.

The limited-edition collection is now available exclusively on, Instagram Shop and TikTok Shop.


    The “I Hope You’re Proud” tagline serves as a way for Kristi to speak directly to her older sister Cat, who in September of 2020 lost her battle with substance abuse. Kristi was very close to her sister, and has been public about the grief associated with Cat’s passing. Since Cat’s passing, she has chosen to leverage her social platform to raise awareness for individuals battling substance abuse.

    Additionally, the “I Hope You’re Proud” tagline holds meaning for For Others’ co-founders Brandon and Jonathan Blum, who lost their maternal grandfather four years ago. When For Others launched in 2021, Brandon and Jonathan named the brand For Others to honor their grandfather’s “always do for others” wisdom - a phrase he would reiterate to his grandson’s often while they were growing up.

    The Next Door Recovery is a non-profit that provides cost-free treatment for women in Middle Tennessee struggling with substance abuse.

    Proceeds of every purchase from this capsule will directly help provide access to The Next Door Recovery by funding transportation for women in urban and rural areas of Middle Tennessee. This includes taking pregnant women to their OB/GYN appointments, helping others get to their scheduled medical appointments, and getting women in need to The Next Door Recovery for treatment.


    The hoodie comes in two colorways; Bone White and Cherry. The front of the hoodie features a custom-designed two-cherry icon, while the back of the hoodie sports a sincere yet playful design - held together by the capsule’s signature “I Hope You’re Proud Of Me” tagline.

    The collection’s Baseball Hat also comes in two colorways - Bone/Black and Bone/Cherry - and features the custom cherry graphic on the front, and an abbreviated “I Hope You’re Proud” version of the campaign’s tagline on the back.

    The mid-crew sock, sized Medium (women 6-10, men 7-11), comes in Bone White and features two horizontal red stripes at the top of the sock with a generic cherry icon below, towards the ankle.

    The sticker sheet houses the entire suite of graphics that are included in the collection, designed to be peeled off individually and placed wherever you see fit.


    For Others is a socially-conscious lifestyle brand based in New York City. The brand was launched in May 2021 by brothers Brandon and Jonathan. The goal was simple: Create a clothing company that provided tangible impact in the local communities every item was purchased in - without compromising quality, style or brand.

    For Others partners with hyper-local non-profit organizations around the country to become the first and only clothing brand that gives back directly to the local community each item is purchased in.

    In just a couple of years, For Others has built a growing and loyal following of stylish customers motivated to leave a positive impact on their community.


    Kristi Howard is a fashion and lifestyle content creator from Atlanta, Georgia, currently living in Nashville, Tennessee. Her 3+ million followers across Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube are obsessed with her relatable try-on hauls, beauty and fashion reviews, pet adoption advocacy, grief/trauma awareness advocacy, and day-in-the-life vlogs.


    For women struggling with addiction, The Next Door is the treatment program that provides expert care for substance use and co-occurring disorders in a faith-based and compassionate setting to empower women for lifetime recovery.

    December 04, 2023