CAFE HABANA CAPSULE - Lookbook & Imagery: 

New York, New York, November 2023 – Socially-conscious lifestyle brand For Others is teaming up with treasured New York City diner Cafe Habana to release a limited-edition capsule collaboration that will benefit NYC-based non-profit Avenues For Justice (AFJ).

The collaboration was born out of a For Others TikTok post earlier this year, ultimately resulting in an exciting collection of products - just in time for the holiday season.

The capsule includes a hoodie, a dad hat, a baseball hat, a coffee mug and a pair of crew socks. The collection was designed to land at the intersection of 1950’s New York City and modern day Cuba - with elements of 1990’s NYC street art mixed in.

The hoodie comes in navy and white colorways, sporting a custom-designed Cafe Habana logo-lock on the front, with a detailed photo-illustrative design on the back. The logo-lock also appears on the front of the capsule’s baseball hat and one side of the coffee mug.

The dad hat comes in navy, featuring Cafe Habana’s signature coffee mug and saucer on the front with “FO.” subtly printed on the forward-facing side of the mug.

The crew socks feature “Cafe Habana” and “Para Otros” - which means For Others in Spanish - both in Cafe Habana’s signature font.

Most importantly, the root of this collection was planted by both brands’ intrinsic commitment towards making a positive impact on New York City.

AFJ is a non-profit that provides alternatives to incarceration for New York City children aged 13-24 who have been negatively impacted by the criminal justice system.

Every item sold from this capsule provides one child with transportation to and/or from AFJ’s downtown Manhattan community center.

The limited-edition collection is now available for purchase exclusively on For Others’ website.

About Cafe Habana

Café Habana opened its doors in 1998 in the neighborhood of Nolita in downtown New York City, in a former Dominican diner. A 38-seat, steel-cladded diner on the corner of Prince & Elizabeth Street became the home for what is known today as a true New York City institution. They currently have outposts in Malibu, California, and Tokyo, Japan.

Café Habana is known for its jumping scene, fashion-forward crowd, Cubanos’ and it’s world-famous grilled corn.

Cafe Habana’s mission since the late 1990’s has been to nourish and connect people from all walks of life with and by way of authentic latin food and drinks.

About For Others

For Others is a socially-conscious lifestyle brand based in NYC. The brand was launched in May 2021 by brothers Brandon and Jonathan. The goal when launching the brand was simple: Create a clothing company that gave back directly to the local communities every item was purchased in - without compromising quality, style or brand.

For Others is the first and only clothing brand that gives back directly to the local community each item is purchased in. They accomplish this by partnering with hyper-local non-profit organizations around the country.

In just a couple of years, For Others has built a growing and loyal following of stylish customers motivated to leave a positive impact on their local community.

About Avenues For Justice

For over 40 years, AFJ has diverted thousands of young people ages 13–24 across New York City from a punitive criminal justice system to a community-based support program designed to help them avoid future crime and lead successful lives.

In addition to our main program of on-going court advocacy, we provide our HIRE UP prevention programs for workforce training, education, and mentoring to ATI court-involved and formerly incarcerated participants and to young people at-risk of engaging in crime.

November 21, 2023