New York, NY - Since their launch in May 2021, For Others has donated meals to over 50+ non-profit food bank organizations across North America. As the impact-driven clothing label continues to expand their reach, For Others is introducing an interactive ‘Impact Map’ to help illustrate the ongoing difference they are making across the continent.

Founded by brothers Brandon and Jonathan Blum, For Others is on a mission to make it easier to impact your local community in style. The brand takes a portion of every item sold and reinvest it back into the local community the item was either purchased in or purchased for.

As For Others expands - they donate to 5-10 new food banks each quarter due to orders in previously uncharted regions - the need for a visual tool increasingly became a priority. The Impact Map is a suitable destination for the For Others team to point to when explaining their impact at in-person pop-ups and events.

By introducing the map now, For Others is setting the stage for the launch of a brand new collection; tied to a new cause, later this year. The Impact Map will serve as an effective resource in distinguishing between the causes the D2C brand is addressing in each of their current and future collections.

Here’s how it works: 

Every food bank For Others has donated to in the past has been added to the Impact Map. Every time For Others donates to a new food bank, project, or local charity, the map will be updated. 

Users can filter the map by location. When For Others drops their new collection, users will also be able to filter the map by ‘Cause.’

Moving forward, when a new project or organization is added to the map, the customer who made this happen will be notified by the For Others team.

Check out the map here:

September 01, 2022