Introducing the latest installment of our “What are you FOR?” campaign, where we spend a day with talented creators and illuminate the daily routines and activities that allow them to show up each day FOR something greater than themselves.
This month, we jammed out with Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur, Dappa. The Philadelphia native’s music endeavors have taken him all over the world, however he is determined to leave a positive impact on his hometown. 
To meet the lofty goals he sets for himself yet still stay grounded enough to give back to the community he grew up in, Dappa beats to his own drum - allowing him to create vibes, dream big, lead by example, and always keep his hometown front and center in his mind. 
Take a seat as Dappa grabs the mic and injects some much-needed positivity and inspiration into our day.


I’ve been all over the world but there is no place like home. Coming from North Philly, my natural make-up comes with toughness, hustle and a pure go-getter mentality. I am proud to represent the city through my entrepreneurial and philanthropic work. Moving forward, I plan to keep doing it - bigger and better each time!


I want to lead by example, not only for my child but for children all across the world. I hope I can continue to be a voice of encouragement and continue to motivate people of all ages and races. I’m aware of my influence and I’m aware of the spotlight that God has placed on me and I plan to continue leading in a positive manner.


I’ve never felt so close in my life. I realize that I am currently living out my dream but the goals continue to pile on. I’m aware that there is more to do. There are parts of this dream that I haven’t witnessed yet.


I have been writing poetry since I was a kid. I consider myself a natural wordsmith. My big mouth used to get me in trouble, now I feel like it’s taking me places.

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August 31, 2022