New York, New York. March 2024 - For Others is excited to add new products to the brand’s existing Elementary Collection, where a portion of every item sold helps provide school supplies to an underfunded classroom in the community the items are delivered to.

The two-style assortment explores the For Others brand in alternative graphic-based designs. This approach is in alignment with the collection as a whole; which is known and recognized for its bright and vibrant color palette.

Spring Graphics features our popular Hoodie and Dad Hat styles.

Spring Graphics will be available Thursday, March 28, at 12p ET - exclusively on and Instagram Shop.

About For Others

For Others is a socially-conscious lifestyle brand based in NYC. The brand was launched in May 2021 by brothers Brandon and Jonathan. The goal when launching the brand was simple: Create a clothing company that gave back directly to the local communities every item was purchased in - without compromising quality, style or brand.

For Others is the first and only clothing brand that gives back directly to the local community each item is purchased in. They accomplish this by partnering with hyper-local non-profit organizations around the country.

In just a couple of years, For Others has built a growing and loyal following of stylish customers motivated to leave a positive impact on their local community.

March 27, 2024